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A photo painting is the best gift for parents

Painting by photo for parents is a great gift for a wedding anniversary or birthday. Transfer your favorite photos from the family archive to canvas and present a reproduction to a mature married couple. Believe me, they will be pleased, because a photo portrait of their beloved granddaughter or daughter is something that will warm their hearts in the turbulent whirlpool of everyday affairs.

Here you can order prints of photos on canvas or create the best example of modern art from home photos on the generator! Send us an example image, and we will create a trial layout of the future product. After its approval, Viar Canvas designers will select a suitable canvas for printing, stretch it on a wooden stretcher, and send it directly to the address.

Picture as a gift: selection of a photo

A picture for parents is a heartfelt gift that deserves special attention, as it will delight them for many years. It will decorate the living room, where the whole family will gather, drink tea and remember the best moments in life. Our artists have many interesting ideas to help you create a holiday surprise. You can view examples of our work in the catalog, where we have collected the best versions of paintings from photographs.

Our capabilities allow us to print any digital image that is used both for decorating the interior and as an original gift for the celebration. During our work, we have learned to create five types of paintings:

  • Photos. Printing on a canvas such as canvas or canvas is an ideal way to keep pleasant memories not only for parents but for the whole family. Transfer pictures of a summer vacation or a fun walk with your grandmother to a picture, make this picture part of your home interior. Professional studio-quality photos are best suited for printing.

  • Classic and stylized portraits. It has become fashionable today to give portraits because a classic-style photo portrait looks quite stylish and expensive. Styling a portrait in such areas as port art, dream art, cartoons, caricatures, oil painting or flip-flop blanks are bright and unusual examples that will be appreciated. 

портрет з фотографії

  • Reproductions of famous paintings by artists. The original works of famous painters for many - an expensive pleasure. For lovers of this direction, there is an excellent alternative - printing famous paintings by modern masters on canvas. Such works on reproductions of Da Vinci, Klimt, or Van Gogh are especially popular.

  • Photos of interiors, landscapes, and cities. Decorating walls with large wildlife or black and white portraits are great art decoration options.



  • Oil portraits. In just 8 days, we will draw a classic portrait in oil or acrylic for you. We will help you choose the right image and color scheme. Here you can see our work - a portrait by photo in oil.

Cost calculation - a picture according to your layout 

The result of the joint work of the customer and the artist - an image drawn by the artist's hand on a graphics tablet based on your photo, will become a unique gift for loved ones. An image generator works on our website, with which you can calculate the cost of the finished product and draw up an approximate layout of the picture, you can buy it right away. To do this, you need to enter the following parameters:

  • the shape and size of the painting;

  • type of execution - printing with pigment inks or oil paints;

  • fabric type - natural, synthetic, and mixed fabrics;

  • decoration - art gel, art printing pop art, dammar varnish or standard;

  • type of framing. 

In the order submission form, enter your contact details and we will contact you and complete the purchase. 

замовити картину

Create a picture online for a gift to parents with us 

Give your parents a sign of attention and create an original photo picture or a collage of family photos for them. Our artists will help you choose the right materials, and high-quality pictures and select the design in a baguette frame. If necessary, the masters will correct visible defects in the photo, while maintaining their naturalness. See how we do it here. When ordering photographic paintings in our studio, you will receive:

  • improving the quality of original pictures to transform them into a painting; 

  • coating of products with a protective varnish;

  • the use of pigment ink, which affects the accuracy of color reproduction and brightness;

  • natural fabrics;

  • gift decoration;

  • professional consultations of masters;

  • individual discounts for the celebration. 

You can buy a photo painting in Viar Canvas by contacting our store or choose custom-made paintings from our gallery, as well as create an original drawing yourself. We accept payment in any way available to you. Buyers can pick up the finished product in our workshop at the address or order courier delivery.

Make a warm gift to your parents by choosing gorgeous portrait shots of your beloved children and grandchildren. Or order a stunning portrait from a photo for your parents. Visit the Viar Canvas website right now and order a real masterpiece of contemporary art from our designers and artists!