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Caricature from photo is a great gift.
Caricature from photo  is a great gift.

Caricature is a great gift. Types of caricatures and when to give them

A cartoon is an image where someone's characteristic features of appearance or personal qualities are emphasized. The main difference between a cartoon and a caricature is that it is a good drawing. The caricature, on the other hand, makes fun of human qualities, distorting them in places. This interpretation of the portrait is seasoned with a touch of good humor. It can tell a lot about the preferences, hobbies, and profession of the depicted person. Be sure that a cartoon as a present will definitely cheer you up and will be remembered for a long time. 

Caricature by photo - a non-standard gift for a good mood

The Viar Canvas team offers unusual gift options in the form of custom-made caricatures. We have been pleasing our customers on the European market for 12 years, and they come back to us again and again. More than 1000 reviews from satisfied customers confirm this.

Caricatures can be made in color or black and white. Despite the apparent simplicity, they require professionalism from the artist. After all, it is not an easy task to perfectly convey the character and appearance of people without offending them. Although for the masters of Viar Canvas, nothing is impossible.

We can draw a caricature according to any example, taking into account your wishes, by drawing people, any object, or clothes. We will also consider the background, location, and color scheme. Our designers will help you find the best solution by providing several layouts on request. You just have to choose the best one.

We also have ready-made satire templates where we simply draw faces. This option is cheaper than a custom order and is made faster.

To whom and for what reasons to give caricatures?

Do you want to improve team relationships? A corporate caricature depicting your boss surrounded by colleagues will make even the sternest boss smile. Such a portrait can be hung in a common room or the manager's office.

A caricature of a child will emphasize his strengths and outstanding qualities. He will not only decorate the room but also amuse, and will be remembered for his eccentricity. Yes, and friends will definitely appreciate the original idea of ​​the image.

A wedding caricature is a great idea for a friend's or parent’s wedding anniversary. In such a picture, you can depict a funny story or emphasize the special moments of that day, understandable only to those present.

Caricature for parents will be a wonderful gift for a family holiday. Such a cute picture can be hung anywhere in your home - guests will not pass by.

Is your friend a representative of the beauty services industry? The beauty caricature will best fit into the working space of the master. And, you see, clients are more willing to go to a person with a sense of humor.

You can also give your favorite teacher a caricature by photo. Such a gift will leave an indelible impression because the teacher is always interested in how students see him.

An athlete friend will also be curious to look at himself from the side of the sport that he loves. Yes, and when you come to visit such a person and see a caricature with his image, you can immediately understand what his hobbies are.

If one of your loved ones works as a dentist, a satire with a wide smile on his face will perfectly complement the interior of the office and set the visitors in a positive mood.

How to order a caricature online by photo?

It is enough to go to the Viar Canvas studio website and fill out a special form. In it, you need to upload a source photo, based on which the satire will be drawn. If you have any special requests, add other photos (up to 10 pieces). 

Then you should choose the size of the future picture and its type - personal or group. The group format of the caricature will cost more (depending on the number of people depicted in it). You can then add your comments in the dedicated window. 

Next, add your order to the basket and pay for it using any of the available methods. After placing it, the manager will call you back during the working day to clarify the details. Then the artist draws a portrait agreed with you. When the picture is completely ready, we stretch it on a stretcher, mount the fasteners and pack it.

We provide a choice of 3 types of packaging:

  • regular - for ease of transportation;

  • gift - to enhance the emotions of the gift;

  • exclusive - to emphasize the importance of the person for whom the gift is intended.

As a standard, a custom-made caricature by photo is made within 3 to 5 business days, but we provide express production within 1 business day. We will deliver promptly to your home or another specified address.

Visit our website for examples of work and get inspired. Give unforgettable emotions thanks to caricatures on canvas from Viar Canvas studio!