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Photo restoration and photo retouching
Photo restoration and photo retouching

Photo restoration and photo retouching

You definitely have an old photo album with photos that have lost their original appearance. Or poor-quality printed pictures, which simply cannot be thrown away. Unfortunately, time does not spare paper, and one does not want to part with the memories that warm the heart and soul. It's so nice to plunge into the events of past years again, isn't it?

You can give old photographs a new life thanks to the restoration by Viar Canvas Studio. For more than 12 years we have been manufacturing custom-made photo portraits of any complexity. There are no impossible tasks for us because our team consists exclusively of creative individuals. Clients of the Viar Canvas studio are satisfied, as evidenced by more than 1000 positive reviews.

Why is photo restoration necessary?

If the photo is in extremely poor condition, our artist can restore it step by step. To do this, a digital copy of the image is created, and with the help of a special program, the master eliminates various damages and defects. The finished version is printed and transferred to canvas. If necessary, the artist makes corrections manually.

So, photo restoration helps:

  • remove cracks, various stains, and tears and even restore damaged or torn fragments;

  • restore color gamut, and fix minor imperfections;

  • save the photo in the appropriate digital resolution.

The price of photo restoration may also depend on the quality of the image initially.

Photo restoration rates

There are three Photo Enhancement Packs in Viar Canvas studio.

The Basic package includes:

  • complete color optimization;

  • increase exposure and contrast for image brightness;

  • sharpen and eliminate noise;

  • remove red-eye, dark circles, and small spots.

Package Necessary includes:

  • natural portrait retouching;

  • creating the effect of clean and smooth skin;

  • adjusting exposure and colors;

  • smile whitening and redness removal on the face;

  • photo quality restoration.

The Premium package includes:

  • figure correction;

  • face and background change;

  • adding additional elements to decorate the photo.

We will bring to life any of your creative ideas, turning them into a masterpiece. The restored photo can be transferred to the canvas. So you decorate your interior not with a banal photo in a frame, but with a unique variation of the image. Be sure that your guests will not pass by the photo like paintings on canvas, noting your excellent taste and creative vision.

How to place an order?

You can order a photo painting directly on our website. To do this, upload a photo in the image generator and specify the desired canvas parameters. You will also see how the picture will look approximately in one or another frame in the interior. During the working day, our manager will call you back to clarify the details. Thus, will be created and approved the layout of the painting by a photo on canvas.

In addition, we offer to cover the finished photo with a protective varnish to preserve the brightness and saturation of colors for a long time. Thanks to the art gel or artistic strokes, the image will acquire volume. Coordinate the coating option with our specialists in advance, because not every painting is suitable for art gel or dammar varnish. You can also choose the standard option - without covering the picture by any means. 

Our team gets to work as soon as an order is received. The whole process usually takes 3-7 days. There is also express production within 1 working day. You can choose from three types of packaging: regular, gift, and exclusive. The gift will enhance the pleasant impression of the present, and the exclusive one will emphasize the special attitude of the giver. Delivery of the order is possible to your home or another place specified by you.

Restoration will return the former brightness to your photos, and will also become a memorable gift for a loved one. Extend the life of your most valuable memories with Viar Canvas Studio!