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Photos on canvas

Photos on canvas

Photo on canvas 

Do you want to keep important photos for a long time, protecting them from scuffs and faded color? The masters of the Viar Canvas studio will turn a picture of any quality and prescription into a picture-by-photo on canvas that will decorate your home. You will receive a work of art that will display the same colors and brightness as the source. Send your favorite photo to our specialists, and we will prepare it for printing the perfect picture!

Canvas photo to order – the best choice for aesthetics 

Insert new photos into frames, open albums once every six months, or enjoy a stylish picture every day? Our clients choose pictures because they convey the atmosphere of the picture and give it an individual style. Also, works from the studio have other advantages over ordinary photos: 

  • colorful and vibrant hues for over 100 years;

  • solid and impressive appearance in natural wood stretchers;

  • exhibition sample, thanks to the gallery stretch;

  • safe paints and inks for the human body;

  • special varnish coating against mechanical impact

The picture will be an excellent and original gift to friends and family for any celebration: New Year, birthday, anniversary, and other holidays. 

Photo requirements with examples

The harmonious combination of colors and the brightness of the shades in the picture depends on the quality of your original image. Our masters print the sent pictures with pre-processing because custom-made paintings should look perfect and attractive. For the image to be suitable for printing, we advise you to adhere to the basic parameters:

  • size not less than 200 Kb;

  • over 1000 pixels resolution

  • JPG, PNG, and similar formats;

  • clear details and outlines

  • balance of dark and light shades;

  • basic brightness and contrast

We also accept images from a phone that meet the criteria above. Professional shots will look best on the wall and are suitable for interpretation into a painting. 

Send photos for a free evaluation and consultation with our designers. We will remove any defects so that you enjoy a luxurious picture! See how we improve photo quality here. 


An example of a quality photo Example photo with defects

TOP 5 ideas for ordering a painting online 

The studio produces various types of paintings according to your preferences. We will show you how to choose a photo style in combination with the interior, choose a story for satire and restore very old pictures. Check out the following collection for inspiration. 

Turn professional photos into paintings 

Usually, photos from the photographer, pictures from vacations, and other events are stored in an album or on a hard drive, where they are opened very rarely. To not lose beautiful images and important family moments in folders, use the services of printing on canvas. So, a trip to the sea, the first steps of a child, or your best professional photo will always be in your sight. Important images will not deteriorate over time, and the memories will remain in memory for a long time and on the wall in your home.

Restoring old images 

Revisiting albums and want to relive memories that were more than 15 years ago? Our specialists carry out a complete processing and quality improvement of old paper photos or simple photos from the phone. We can replace the background and make color corrections, remove unnecessary elements, and increase detail.

Portrait in one of 10+ styles

If you still want an artist's hand-drawn portrait, then we can add creativity and originality to the original photo. Designers can make it in Beauty Art, Dream Art, Pop Art, historical, classical, or other styles. The image can include parents, family, couples, colleagues, and pets. Choose your style, inspired by examples of our work at the link. 

Photo collage with 80+ templates 

If you want to depict a series of photos in a painting, then create a collage. Use the online constructor to choose a template, text, and add stickers. Collect travel experiences, 20 family photo shoots, or show a love story in one picture. When ordering a collage, we add gift wrapping and wall fasteners.


Printing photos on canvas for corporate interiors 

Transfer a stylish digital photo onto canvas to decorate your office, coffee shop, showroom, or living room in your own home. We will select the size and story of the image according to your preferences. Check out our gallery for photo poster ideas. Contact the designers for a free consultation to create the perfect picture for your interior!

Calculation of the cost of a painting by a photo on canvas to order

We determine the price for each order and offer several payment methods to choose from. For example, you can pay for a painting upon receipt at the delivery service or personally pick it up from the workshop and make payment on the spot. 

The price of the finished painting depends on the following factors: 

  • picture size

  • canvas type;

  • availability and type of framing;

  • original image quality - processing type;

  • production time - express, standard, or on a specific date;

  • type of packaging - gift or regular.

You may need to enhance the image before printing. We remove red eyes, and adjust brightness, color, and contrast for free. Necessary and premium corrections include restoration of photo quality, smooth skin tone, and correction of any significant nuances. Such processing is carried out with a surcharge and also involves a complete restoration of the quality and beauty of the image. Read more about it here or contact us at the specified contacts.

Order a photo on canvas by Viar Canvas in 10 minutes

Use the online form on our website for quick and easy ordering. Upload a photo, choose the shape and size of the picture, and the features of the decoration. Specify the type of packaging and terms of production of the order. If you have any special requests or comments, please write them in the "Comments" field.

We will contact you after completing the application and will inform you about the status of the order. Delivery is made to all countries and cities of Europe in any way convenient for you: by courier to the address or the Pick-up point. We also have delivery on the scheduled date. The production time of the order is from 1 day and depends on the selected parameters.

Get a discount for an important celebration! Turn to Viar Canvas designers for a unique masterpiece to save important moments with loved ones on an eternal canvas!