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Art Portrait Canvas
Art Portrait Canvas

Everyone probably has their favorite photo that puts a smile on their face and warms their soul. Maybe it's the memories of your best day or a professional photoshoot where you really like yourself. So why not make a picture out of this picture and show it to your guests? Photo portraits to order will be a great addition to the interior, as well as a memorable gift and an original souvenir for a loved one.

Bringing unique art ideas to life

Studio Viar Canvas is engaged in the creation of original paintings from photos. For 12 years on the European market, we have been giving unforgettable emotions to our clients by making high-quality portraits on canvas.

Our artists are true professionals in their field. Agree, simple drawing skills are not enough to achieve an impressive result. You need to have knowledge, experience and, of course, talent.

Art portraits from Viar Canvas studio are the works of talented artists without the use of Photoshop and templates. All images are drawn exclusively by hand, that is, a masterpiece is created literally from scratch. Our portrait artists use a graphics tablet and a stylus that can fully replace paper and pencil.

The graphic portrait is the author's work of the artist. We take into account all the wishes of the customer, creating a composition with an idea, drawing the smallest details. Our artists work individually and painstakingly on each work - that is why the price of such paintings is higher. The production of any portrait is a labor-intensive process, and therefore the requirements for the artist's level of training in the Viar Canvas studio are quite high.

Types of art portraits

Our team creates:

● cartoons;

● classic portraits in a graphic style;

● DreamArt-portraits;

● oil portraits.

A caricature or cartoon is a funny drawing that exaggerates a person's character traits and external features without ridiculing them. We take into account absolutely every detail, so that as a result you get a masterpiece that creates a positive atmosphere of friendship and good mood. We guarantee that no one can resist such an image, because it is made with neat humor and kindness.

DreamArt portraits are a reflection of the world of dreams, fantasies and pleasant memories. This style is usually associated with extravaganza and positive, but there is a place for psychedelic and immanent in it. Such a portrait will suit lovers of modern art and an unusual vision of simple and familiar things.

A classic portrait from a photograph is a universal gift option if there is no specific understanding of what a person might like. Saturation of color, clarity of lines, attention to detail - all this is reproduced with great care in the portrait. In such work, it is important to reveal the state of mind of the sitter and his inner world. That is why this type of portrait is most similar to the original: it conveys not only external features, but also the mood and atmosphere.

An oil portrait is a great addition to the interior with notes of historical chic and romanticism. This view is plastic and creates a mystical illusion of three-dimensionality. You can see examples of finished work and get inspired on our website.

Our experts offer to cover the finished painting with strokes of acrylic or oil. This will enhance the depth and volume of the image, add the necessary accents, thereby giving completeness to the photo portrait. In addition, at the final stage, the picture can be covered with a special varnish that will protect it from fading. It will please the eye for a long time with its color and saturation, decorating the wall of the room.

How to order an art portrait?

Our website has a convenient form for placing an order. You just need to upload the desired photo and select the desired canvas options. You can also see how the painting will look in the interior.

The cost of the final work will be displayed below. All you have to do is add the item to your shopping cart and pay for your order using any of the suggested methods. After that, our managers will contact you, clarify all the necessary details and answer your questions.

Production time is on average 3-5 days, but if you need a gift as soon as possible, we have express production within 1 working day. You can pick up your order at the Viar Canvas studio or arrange courier delivery to any address.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of making someone you care about happy - order a photo portrait as a gift from the Viar Canvas studio! We create emotions, and you give them!