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Portrait Oil
by photo

We draw sketch. Prepayment 50 euros!
Payment - Online or in Workshop!
55% Discount Prices from 80 eur !
Express delivery in 1 day!
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Express production in 5 day!


Portrait from a photo to order

Production time and delivery

Order production time 4-10 days
After the order is approved. If the terms are increased, due to retouching or complex processing - the designer, will definitely inform you.
Express order - 1 day.
Excluding delivery time. This service can be selected at the time of ordering.
Delivery on the selected day
We will deliver the order on the specified day. You can choose at the time of ordering


Order delivery in 1-2 days
Orders are delivered during business hours. You will receive an SMS with the parcel number. And the courier number, you will have the opportunity to ask what time the parcel will be delivered
Delivery price to your address :
Standard 1-2 days - 5 EUR
Pick-up points 1-2 days - 3 EUR
Express 1 day - 5 euros
Other countries we ship to:
All EU countries - 5 eur
Delivery is carried out by courier services:
Delivery is carried out to the door of the house. Also, in Pic up points and post offices.
For more information contact us or by phone +371 25444744
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The oil portrait will harmoniously complement the interior and bring romantic notes and historical chic. Oil paintings are ductile, obtaining a mystical illusion of three-dimensionality. It is enough to look at the paintings of Vasnetsov, Surikov, and Repin to understand what three-dimensionality we are talking about.

Paraphrasing the famous saying, we can state that if you want to give a painting and have no idea which one, give the oil portrait as a present. An oil portrait in a baguette frame will decorate any interior, but it will look especially beneficial in the following interior styles: classicism, neoclassicism, art deco. The oil portrait is made using natural canvas.

What kind of photos are suitable for a portrait?
If the photo clearly shows the details of the face, the structure of the eyes, nose, lips, and other features of the appearance, most likely this is enough to create a portrait.

Send photos you like. For best results, pay attention to the following moments: if the look does not suit you in the photo, facial expression or smile - you better send additional photo where facial features suit you

Try to send photos of the highest possible resolution (file size). It is preferable to send originals of photos in any format (JPG, PNG ...) and it is undesirable to send screenshots (PrintScreen).

Also, pay attention to quality and lighting photos. Blurred image, face in shadow or blown out, pixels in the photo - all this does not guarantee that you will get the best result.


If you are planning to order a portrait for a wedding or anniversary, but you do not have a joint photo of the couple, then send several separate photographs of the spouses.


If you are planning to order a portrait for a wedding or anniversary, but you do not have a joint photo of the couple, then send several separate photographs of the spouses.

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Examples of our portraits

We can draw beautifully, completely preserving the portrait similarity
(move the slider)
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
Variety of sizes
Variety of sizes
  • 40x60cm
  • 80x120cm
  • 60x90cm
  • 55x80cm
  • 30X40cm
  • 70x100cm
  • 50x70cm
  • 90x140cm

Stages of ordering

Ordering a photo on canvas - quick and easy
Click "Order canvas", upload your photo and specify desired options
Order matching
We will contact you to clarify all the details during working day.
The artist paints a portrait. Which we will agree with you
We start making your canvas, we mount the mounts and pack.
We promptly deliver the order directly to your home or to any another place.

Express: 1 day

Standard: 3-8 days

Order portrait from photo on canvas with discount

1. Select a photo

Photo for portrait


Upload a photo

Click to add photo


2 Mb

Files uploaded

Upload a photo that the artist will use during work. Upload a photo where you like the expression on the person's face. Photos of people can be separate.

3. Select size

The size of the painting must be matched to the size of the wall. The most popular size is 60x90 cm.

4. Choose the number of people

Indicate how many people you want to draw.

5. *Canvas type (optional)

Additionally, you can choose to improve or protect the painting.

6. * Enhancements (optional)

Additionally, you can choose to improve or protect the painting.


Add photo example (optional)


Upload a photo

Click to add photo


2 Mb

Files uploaded

Be sure to write all your questions or important nuances

Service cost: 0
Add to Basket

Select packaging:

Production time:

Watch the 60 second video and find out

how an artist will paint your picture

Free designer help

Portrait from a photo to order

Do you have any doubts? We will help you find the best solution and we will offer professional advice

Ample opportunities. For you we will create one or several layouts, taking into account individual characteristics Photo.

Perfect result. For all orders we make corrections, until you say - YES!

Any ideas and requests. Please contact us for for more details.

Send a photo and we will answer within 15 minutes

Enter your E-mail

Enter your phone number

Add a comment



Upload a photo

Click to add photo


2 Mb

Files uploaded

Sending an order
Still have doubts?

The manager will be happy to answer all your questions in the messenger

Write WhatsApp
How much does the delivery cost and how fast will I receive the parcel?

There are two delivery options - 1) To the address - 4 euros 2) Pick-up point - 2 euros After sending, the parcel arrives within 1-2 days

Do you have discounts ?

Discounts are already displayed in the order form. Also, discounts can be obtained in the "Sale" section or by writing to us in Whatsapp

What sizes do you have?

We can make any size. All standard sizes are listed on the order form. If you want to order a different size, then write to us on Whatsapp. The largest size is 300x150 cm

Is there delivery on weekends and evenings?

The price and delivery time are calculated according to the tariffs of your settlement. We deliver by courier to the door of your apartment

Is it possible to see live pictures anywhere?

The price and delivery time are calculated according to the tariffs of your settlement. We deliver by courier to the door of your apartment.

When to pay?

The order must be paid after we agree on the details of your order. Payment by transfer to the account of our company. It is possible to make an advance payment (partially).

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Very fast
Excellent picture, 100% satisfied with the quality of workmanship and service

Oil painting - an exclusive home decoration

An oil portrait is a classic technique with a long history. In the Middle Ages, picturesque images were difficult to perform. So, the great Goya's sitters had to pose for at least 100 hours so that he could create another masterpiece.

Today, everything is easier: you can paint an oil portrait from a photo in digital form. The main thing that is required for this is the interaction of the artist and the customer in order to realize all the wishes and fantasies.

Is it easy to create portraits by photos

Despite to popular belief that the creation of graphic images doesn`t require much effort, the operation of processing an oil portrait on canvas from photo is a very painstaking work, which includes:

  1. Prototyping. The preliminary layout is agreed with the client, if necessary, changes are made. An electronic layout is created on a graphics tablet, with the drawing of the smallest details.

  2. Printing basic contours on canvas. Viar Canvas Studio uses modern equipment and ecological, reliable pigments.

  3. Painting with oil paints. The artist applies layer after layer, using different drawing techniques, paying attention to every detail.

What is good about an oil painting as a gift

A portrait by a photo is an exclusive, unique present. The style is elegant, suitable for a romantic, business look. Perfect for classic and modern interiors.

Stylish, original present will allow:

  • to express a high opinion of a person, to express your respect;

  • to congratulate you on a significant event, personal or professional;

  • to deliver positive emotions;

  • to strengthen friendships or personal relationships.

The work performed in oil by a photo doesn`t differ at all from a real painting. She is unique! No two pictures are the same. After all, each portrait is the result of the individual work of the artist. Oil painting lasts a long time, is appreciated by creative people, with a delicate taste, even after years it doesn`t lose its brightness and saturation of colors.

Is it any wonder that today many people turn to the Viar Canvas studio to order an oil portrait on canvas from a photo. Our masters perform images in various styles in a short time, regardless of complexity.

How to order

A portrait in the interior will become a personal symbol of success, will please a man or woman, and give positive. We provide services for the creation of portraits, paintings, printing by photos. Send a good quality photo and the manager will contact you to discuss the details.

You can order a portrait in oil on canvas from photo right now.

We also offer:

By placing an order, you get an exclusive painting at the best price.