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Gift card for canvas, paintings and portraits
Gift card for  canvas, paintings and portraits

Gift cards are the perfect gift for any occasion

Another family holiday is approaching, and you don`t know what to give? Sometimes it's worth choosing one of the stores that your friend or relative likes to visit and buy him a gift certificate. So you will forever forget fussy shopping trips in search of a worthy gift.

A gift card to the Viar Canvas workshop is the best way to express your attention to the hero of the occasion. It`s very nice to see the joy and delight on the faces of loved ones. Just give a certificate for a certain amount, and the hero of the day will be able to choose the artistic masterpiece he likes, which will delight him for many years.

Give your loved ones a gift card - make their dream come true 

Our masters and artists are sure that in our time it is necessary to give original and spectacular gifts that will cause only positive emotions. The best solution, in our opinion, will be paintings: artistic decoration of family photos, “In Image” portraits, compositions in the style of Beauty Art, Dream Art, and Pop Art, or copies of popular reproductions from famous artists such as Da Vinci, Klimt or Van Gogh. We are ready to offer our clients the widest range of services - from poster printing to creating photo collages and modular paintings framed in a baguette frame.

Let’s say you don’t know which artists the hero of the day like or don’t agree with him in tastes, or maybe it’s trite - you remembered the gift at the last moment? The masters of our studio can suggest a way out of a difficult situation - use a gift card. This is a great alternative to such a present as money. 

With us, you can choose not only a certificate for a certain amount but also order its festive decoration. A beautifully designed card is a nice and valuable gift that will allow your loved ones to fulfill their creative potential and give themselves a real work of art!

Benefits of buying gift cards 

Give a worthy sign of attention to your loved ones and give them a really useful gift - a gift card. With its help, you can:

  • to congratulate friends, relatives, or colleagues originally, and for this, it is not necessary to go to the store. In our studio, the service of ordering holiday gift cards online is available;

  • order a universal gift for any holiday event;

  • issue an electronic certificate in 5 minutes, for those cases when you do not have time to purchase in advance;

  • send a gift to any city and region;

  • get an extra discount on your next order. 

Creation of gift certificates by Viar Canvas designers

A pre-purchased certificate makes it easier to choose a gift. With our help, you can order such a lifesaver in a few minutes. We have handy tools and professional templates that help you create interesting ideas. Do you want to place a photo, an inscription, or a wish in verse on the map? Our capabilities allow you to bring bright notes and special meaning to your gift.

Our designers can create gift certificates in both classic and corporate styles. With a collection of design layouts and photographs, we have something to suit your taste and preferences. 

The basic requirements that apply to create gift cards are:

  • value of the certificate;

  • data from whom and to whom the card will be presented;

  • number of cards to print and corporate colors (for private customers);

  • card validity period;

  • terms of use of the certificate;

  • congratulation message;

  • image or photo of the birthday boy/girl.

There are various types of designs in our database of templates. See how we select and enhance images at the link. As a result, you will get exactly the result you were waiting for.

We can also issue a virtual certificate for the purchase of a canvas painting, but a gift card in an envelope is a great surprise for the holiday.

When receiving a card as a gift, you should remember some conditions of use:

  • Viar Canvas certificate cannot be exchanged or returned;

  • the card allows you to make 100% payment for purchases;

  • card purchase allows you to sum up other customer discounts;

  • the certificate can be transferred;

  • the card is only used for a one-time purchase;

  • each card has an individual code, which is entered in the "Checkout" tab;

  • information on the card is recorded in the system of our store, so we will always know its face value and expiration date. 

Any gift certificate, printed in high quality, will be delivered to your door or mailed to the birthday person.