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We offer an opportunity for individual cooperation to our customers and partners for making high-quality photos on canvas in large quantities in special conditions

For business customers

Individual offers for enterprises

Canvas serves as a modern and impressive design item for designing office space and setting the necessary mood.

With the help of a canvas, you can successfully promote the image of the company by printing the company logo, company values, motivational slogans, or products.

Individual offers for hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, and public places

Make sure your customers feel special and welcome. Canvas is the best choice to supplement the room with all the necessary sensations. There is a wide range of color tones and ideas you can choose from. 

Cooperating with you, VIarstudia.com will develop and offer the most appropriate solutions for improving your premises. Either you have a restaurant, a hotel, a beauty salon, a library, a private school, or a clinic, we will create a feeling that your visitors will appreciate!


We can create custom canvases in large quantities. Do you have ideas for selling canvases in various trading places or for export to other countries? We will provide you with a large batch of the ready-made canvas, which will be delivered to the place you need as soon as possible while maintaining our main priority - the highest level of quality and 100% guarantee of customer satisfaction.

2. Partnership program for professionals

Cooperation offer for photographers and photography studios

We offer collaboration opportunities for photographers and studios across Europe. You have a good opportunity to earn extra money, offering your customers not only photoshoots but also pictures of high quality. Many wedding organizers and newlyweds will be happy to perpetuate a happy moment on canvas, which means that you have the opportunity to offer customers this additional service. We do what we are responsible for, and you get a difference in price if you order a canvas for your client in our agency or receive a fee if your client orders a canvas on his own, referring to you. 

At the same time, photographers have the opportunity to place their best works in our Gallery section. Earn interest on the total amount of the order each time, without doing anything when your photo will be used in the production of the canvas. Additionally, in the description of the picture, we will popularize the author of this photo, publishing his personal information and the history of the origin of the image, which may also interest your potential customers.

Cooperation offer for architects, interior and design companies

When preparing offers for your customers, you can include high-quality design elements - canvases that can be selected at any request of your client. This is a great opportunity to earn more. People willingly make their own space look more beautiful with the help of canvases, which means that you have the opportunity to actively offer this product. We are responsible for all the work. In turn, you get the difference between the contract price if you order a canvas for your client at our agency or receive a commission payment if your client orders a canvas on his own, referring to you.

Cooperation offer for sales channels, affiliate marketing

CanvasWay.com offers effective collaboration opportunities for bloggers, advertising agencies, sales portals, and other stakeholders who have contacts and opportunities to expand our sales channels. You advertise our services through your promotional articles or advise our products to your partners and customers. So, you earn interest on the commission from all purchases of the customer you refer. This can be mutually beneficial cooperation.


Complex interior decoration
for complex decoration of premises

Our designers will prepare a visualization of the room with selected works for you, they will help you to choose images, advise the baguette frame and mat.

Any interior, be it office or apartment, cafes, restaurants, shops, and public organizations, as well as rooms for various purposes - kitchen, living room, bedroom or nursery, reception, or study, can be decorated with the help of our canvas.

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