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Beauty Art is one of the complex styles that require special skill, since, in addition to external similarities and beautiful design, it is always necessary to convey the mood. The mood is the main highlight of such a portrait. Artists collaborating with VIAR ART STUDIO have excellent knowledge of the secrets of painting beauty art portraits. Just give us a picture to create a portrait and you will see that there is no limit to perfection!


Which photographs are suitable for a portrait?

If the details of the face, the structure of the eyes, nose, lips and other features of the appearance are clearly visible in the photo, most often this is enough to create a portrait.

For the best, pay attention to the following points:

Send photos that you like. If you are not satisfied with the look, facial expressions or smile on the photo, please send additional photos.

Try to send photos as large as possible. It is preferable to send original photos and it is not advisable to send PrintScreen

Also, pay attention to the quality and lighting of the photo. A blurry image, a face in shadow or blown out, pixels in a photo - all this does not guarantee the best result

  • If you are planning to order a portrait for Wedding, Anniversary, but you do not have a joint photo of a couple, then send several separate photos.

  • If you are in doubt about choosing a photo, then just send several images through the order form, and we will select the most striking option for your portrait.


Different sizes

30cm х 40cm


Number of people

total price

40cm х 60cm


Number of people

total price

50cm х 70cm


Number of people

total price

60cm х 90cm


Number of people

total price

70cm х 100cm


Number of people

total price

80cm х 120cm


Number of people

total price

  • We take into account your exclusive wishes for an additional fee

  • If you want a different size, please contact us by e-mail [email protected]


Natural canvas

A dense, natural cotton canvas with a pronounced texture. Image

Wooden stretcher

Glued wood stretcher. Nice looking

Gallery stretch

All galleries are gallery stretch, but other options are available.

Baguette frame

There are different types of baguettes for you. From different manufacturers and different materials (not included in the price)

Gift wrapping

For an even more festive mood and presentable look, we have gift wrapping and an exclusive solid box

Image quality

Painting the canvas with texture gel

Glossy or matte gel allows you to create a smear effect, to give volume to a painting. The surface of the textured gel makes the painting on the canvas play with its bright colors.

Detail drawing

The smallest details of the Rusink are visible in our works. Sharpness of lines and light transitions

Art varnish

Protecting the canvas from dust and fading. Gives colors depth, brightness and saturation

Portrait likeness

All portraits are as similar as possible. We coordinate each work to an ideal result.

Everyone has already ordered a portrait

waiting for you!


All our works



we love our clients!

The most convenient set of tools for creating a canvas. Easy and secure ordering/paying

Talented artists and designers. . You can count on our help and professional advice

Free consultation and file processing. Basic processing and framing of your photo

Fast and inexpensive door-to-door delivery.

We are a manufacturer, not an intermediary, and we can get your painting ready in 1 day.

Why our prices are affordable? It's simple. Over the years of work, we have found the most reliable suppliers that provide us with high-quality materials at stable and profitable prices

100% environmentally friendly pigment ink. Unlike solvent printing (printing using a toxic solvent with a strong odor), the ink we use does not contain a solvent and is completely harmless.

We always check the quality of the order. The output control ensures that you pay for a well-done job. And for an insanely beautiful one, of course.


There are different ways to transfer a photo to a canvas. And most companies have toxic ink equipment. Subsequently, such paintings fill the air in a room with fumes, poisoning the atmosphere of the room and negatively affecting human health, primarily the respiratory organs of children.

Be careful when buying canvas.

We use only environmentally friendly pigment inks that will never harm your health.



  • Order fulfillment - 3-5 working days

    After order approval. If the terms will be increased, due to retouching or complex processing, the designer will certainly inform you.
  • Express order -1 day

    Excluding delivery time. This service can be selected during checkout.
  • Order for a specific date

    This service can be selected during checkout


  • Bank transfer to the account

  • Payment upon receipt in our workshop

  • Payment during delivery

Any payment method can be selected when making an order


Convenient, fast, inexpensive

Shipping price to the address you provided:

4 Euros (1-2 days)

Shipping price to other countries we send paintings to:

5 Euros (4-5 days)

Delivery is carried out by courier services:

  • You can choose from several delivery options, including door-to-door delivery, delivery to Pic up points, and post offices.
  • For more information contact us
  • e-mail: info @ viarstudia
  • phone number:  +371 25444744


The painting is returned and replaced at our expense if there is one of the following problems:

  • The plot of the image on the canvas does not correspond to the approved one;
  • Mechanical damage was found after receiving the order;
  • Other visible problems and damages that are not your fault.


The right to return without visible damage does not apply to non-standard and personalized orders.




We know how to do beautifully, completely preserving portrait likeness

  • photo
  • portrait
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Photos of works

Painting ordering procedure

You click the Order Canvas button, then upload your photo and specify all of your desired canvas settings

We contact you to clarify all the important details during the working day.

We create and approve with you a layout of the future canvas.

We start creating your canvas. We mount the fasteners and pack your order. It usually takes from 1 to 7 working days.

We quickly deliver the order to your home directly. We can also deliver the painting to any place of your choice.

To make a cooperation with us even more convenient for you, we offer you

a Free Designer's Help service

  • Having any doubts? We will gladly help you to find the best solution and provide you with professional pieces of advice

  • Big opportunities. We will create one or several layouts for you. While preparing those, we will take into account the individual features of the photo.

  • An ideal result. We edit our paintings until you say YES!

  • Any ideas and wishes. Please contact us to get more details.

  • We will gladly inform you about all the technical and creative opportunities.

It’s much simpler and easier than it seems to be

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    The packaging

    is included in the total cost

    The price for ordering a photo on a canvas already includes branded packaging. With it, you will certainly deliver the picture safely. To make the first impression of your present even brighter, you can order an exclusive gift packaging.

    Standard packing (cm)

    • 43 x 53
    • 60 x 80
    • 75 x 95
    • 90 x 110



    I ordered portrait in BeatyArt style. It was wonderfull gift ! Very good quality....i realy like it