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Baguette framing of paintings

Pictures in the interior of the house are a win-win option for stylish wall decoration. A colorful landscape, a modest still life, or a classic portrait will look much more attractive if you find a decent setting for them. Canvases without a frame look boring and ordinary, but the baguette has a solemn and presentable look.

Painting on canvas using an interior baguette will allow you not only to emphasize the stylish decoration of the house but also to demonstrate an expensive thing to everyone. In addition, the framing of works of art emphasizes the brightness and beauty of the images.

Baguette framing of paintings requires some experience and skills from the performer, so it is better to entrust this work to the masters of Viar Canvas. Our workshop offers original design solutions for decorating your favorite paintings and photos, which ensures their complete look and attractive appearance. In the framing workshop Viar Canvas, a service is available for making baguettes and decorating paintings in framing frames according to specified sizes.

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Stages of design a picture in a baguette frame 

The employees of our workshop have perfectly studied the main trends in the design of not only artistic canvases, but also photographs, and also have extensive experience in this area. They create paintings online and come up with original frames in various styles and designs.

There are several stages in the design of a picture in a baguette:

  1. Baguette frame. Usually made from hardwood. There are many decorative options to suit all tastes and artistic preferences. Plastic frames are also available. Such a frame almost does not differ in appearance from a wooden baguette frame. Our specialists have a creative approach to the matter and will help you quickly and efficiently arrange a picture that is dear to you in a baguette frame. You can get acquainted with the works of our masters in the gallery, which guarantees the quality of their performance.

  2. Installation of glass. To protect the image from scratches and dust, we offer various glazing options. Masters work with standard glass and with its modern counterparts - polyester and acrylic.

  3. Decorative inserts and corners. Vinyl or embossed elements give the product an aesthetically pleasing and complete look.

  4. Passepartout. He has one of the main roles in the entire composition. A colored frame can give a new masterpiece even more aesthetics and color, highlighting the details and focusing on the main idea of the work. Such an element of decor is a link between the picture and the frame, as well as the interior and the surrounding space.

  5. The painting itself, collage, photo, or embroidery. In our workshop, you can frame any work - from diplomas, certificates, and diplomas to tapestries, puzzles, and icons.

  6. Base. To fix the product in the frame, we use foam board, fiberboard, and a stretcher. 

  7. Protective tape. It prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt from the wrong side of the product. 

  8. Fixings. A reliable and durable suspension will allow you to firmly fix the picture on the wall so that it will delight you for many years. 

The cost of framing a painting in a baguette by Viar Canvas

In the catalog of the framing workshop, you can order a frame in a baguette in both classic and extravagant styles. All options are distributed by width and collections. You can compose suitable compositions right in the workshop.

If you decide to buy a painting as a gift or decorate the interior of your house, take care to arrange it beautifully in a baguette frame. The cost of work depends on several factors:

  • image shape and size;

  • baguette width and quality;

  • the presence of decorative inserts and mats, their types and sizes;

  • installation of protective glass and its types. 

The total cost of the work includes the cost of the labor of the craftsmen. 

Why is it worth ordering the framing of paintings in Viar Canvas? 

Welcome to our workshop of creativity, where we print and make paintings with photos, as well as frame them in a baguette frame. 

We can offer:

  • the most creative design solutions;

  • production of frames of any complexity;

  • service of design of paintings "turnkey;

  • free help of designers and consultants;

  • urgent production of products;

  • courier delivery services;

  • favorable terms of purchase in our online store and convenient payment methods;

  • affordable prices for all works. 

If you are looking for a truly professional craftsman who can make a picture, photo, or embroidery with high quality, feel free to contact the Viar Canvas framing workshop. Our specialists are always ready to assist in the selection and installation of a baguette so that you are satisfied with the result. Remember, the right accessories for framing pictures not only complement and emphasize the brightness of the image but also become part of your home interior.

Paintings to order and framing in the "Viar Canvas" framing workshop are always presentable, stylish, and very elegant! Do not be afraid to experiment, create elegant canvases with us!

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