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Photo on canvas as a gift: how to surprise loved ones on a holiday?
Photo on canvas  as a gift: how to surprise loved ones on a holiday?

Paintings on canvas from photo as a gift: how to surprise loved ones on a holiday?

Are you invited to a party but don't know what to give? We recommend ordering a photo on canvas to surprise everyone with a symbolic and at the same time meaningful gift. Our team of specialists has prepared for you a wonderful selection of original ideas for family celebrations, anniversaries, and wedding events. At Viar Canvas studio you will find a large selection of photos and art reproductions on canvas. Here you can easily find gifts for friends, parents or newlyweds. We can create a canvas for any of your photos - choose.

Lifesaver gifts: a large selection of original photo solutions

You won’t surprise anyone with a classic gift now, it’s much more interesting when you give a thing with meaning and thereby evoke pleasant emotions. Our artists have a lot of interesting ideas to help you create the most creative surprise for the holiday. 

People love it when you find photos of family reunions or just good shots that can bring a smile or awaken distant childhood memories. It is doubly pleasant if you manage to transfer them to the canvas and turn the idea not only into a gift but also a real decoration of the interior. 

There is always a reason to gift:

  • New Year. A photo painting or a portrait on canvas is an excellent way out of a situation when you need to congratulate a large team or family. This is a gift from the “one for all” category, which will remind you of both its giver and pleasant moments of the past for many years to come. The cost of small-sized jewelry from the canvas collection can be a wonderful gift for a friend, colleague, or relative.

  • Anniversary gift for the boss. Photo painting copy of a famous reproduction or landscape. Or a custom-made caricature drawn by an artist.

  • Canvas for newlyweds. Lovely pictures from the love story of a guy and a girl, framed in a chic baguette, are guaranteed to become one of the most memorable wedding gifts.

  • Wedding Anniversary. Congratulate a married couple on a porcelain, silver, or pearl date. A good shot as a memory of their happy youth is what you need!

  • Anniversary is a good occasion for a collage of photos, which will bring together the brightest moments of your life.

  • For March 8 or a birthday printed photo is a great gift for a girlfriend and wife. Turn a successful picture of your beloved into a real work of modern art.

We recommend giving a photo on canvas from the canvas collection because such gifts will always come in handy. Canvas from one photo, collage, or multi-canvas is a topical item both for decorating your interior and the best way to keep the happiest moments in your memory. Contact us for advice and we will help express your desires in a unique style worthy of the brush of great artists.

печать на холсте

Printing options and cost of canvas photo from Viar Canvas studio

Our artists create incredible paintings with photos on canvas to order. For a mom, grandmother, or young couple, you can print one of the most successful shots from a home, wedding, or family photo shoot. If the gift is intended for refined natures who know a lot about art, you can transfer reproductions of paintings by famous artists to canvas, and arrange them in a chic baguette, which will give odds to the best museum expositions.

Fans of the works of contemporary artists will certainly appreciate the masterpiece from the genre of digital painting. Another way to surprise friends and loved ones on their holiday is to give a poster with the image of urban and natural landscapes, animals, mouth-watering still lifes, and old geographical maps. Popular are modular paintings in original artistic processing, which will be a winning advantage of any interior.

The price of a painting from the canvas collection will depend on the following criteria:

  • product material and size;

  • packaging - regular or gift;

  • express order (1 day) or standard (2-3 days);

  • number of frames and canvases;

  • delivery method, etc.

Want to order a photo print on canvas? Follow the link and specify the style and genre of canvas art that you will find in our catalog. Canvas from a photo is an excellent gift for the wedding anniversary of the parents, the birthday of a friend, or the anniversary of the boss. We will create a preliminary layout based on your photos and, after approval, launch it for printing. Our team of artists will turn home photos into real masterpieces of modern art!

фото-картины с печатью на холсте

The cost and payment of paintings on canvas from Viar Canvas

All our works are creative from photo processing to creating an individual design, therefore they are evaluated accordingly. The finished work by the masters of our studio is evaluated depending on the materials used, the quality of the print, and the size of the painting. For our regular customers, we make discounts and give gift bonuses for the next orders. 

Customers can pay for the order:

  • prepaid;

  • payment for the finished work in the workshop;

  • payment for the painting through a Pick-up point or a courier.

For seven years we have been working with customers all over Europe and supplying them with our work. Save your time and get an order at a Pick-up point or get a work of art delivered to your home/work address. 

The best canvas collections - a masterpiece painting as a gift in 1-2 days

The holiday date is approaching, and you still do not know what to give? Our studio will accept an urgent order for the creation of a painting and give a discount for the celebration. 

The masters of the studio pay attention to all the nuances of your order so that you get a quality product. We can:

  • use modern technologies to improve the quality of original images;

  • work with a canvas of various qualities and use safe inks for printing;

  • make subframes from natural wood, resistant to dirt and UV radiation;

  • offer a wide variety of designs and photos

We work on a prepaid basis. All orders are gift-wrapped and delivered to the address. The terms and payment for the order depend on your wishes, if necessary, the art studio is ready to complete the work in 1-2 days. Order canvas in original interpretation or photo on canvas from Viar Canvas today! It is a pleasure to give and receive such gifts to everyone!