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Portrait of a pet

If your pet has an imposing gait or an important look, then it means that he is definitely from high society. Convey memories of his character and your emotions next to him in one picture a photo on canvas

An ordinary framed photo of a pet is simple and short-lived. A portrait of a pet in an image that reflects its behavior is an unusual option to keep it in memory for up to 100 years! 

Our designers will work with you to select the outfit and style for your pet photo. View portraits from Viar Canvas masters and order a unique painting for your home here.

Examples of images and ideas for inspiration 

Take a look at your pet and think about what character you associate it with. The selected image largely depends on the type of animal, its behavior, and its habits. For example, four-legged friends are often depicted in the clothes of aristocrats at the festive table. Consider even more original images that your pets can try on. 

Compilation for different types of animals 

  • Cats - Egyptian kings and queens, great kings and queens, superheroes of Marvel or DC comics, and famous scientists.

  • Dogs – commanders, explorers, emperors, and formidable conquerors. 

  • Hamsters, parrots, rabbits, and more - representatives of any historical era with the addition of jewelry, weapons, and appropriate attire. 

Our designers can create any look you want for your pet. To make the picture perfect, provide a photo of the animal in a calm pose and natural look. Photos must be clear with a resolution of at least 200 KB, without dark or too bright areas.

If you have a photo of a pet, but you doubt its quality, send it to us for evaluation. The masters of the studio will remove minor defects for free or do full processing for an extra charge. 

Additional painting ideas from Viar Canvas

We also create canvas paintings of people along with their animals. For example, you can also order your portrait as your favorite character with your pet.

Our studio specializes in more than 10 types and styles of portraits. Family, children's, weddings, and others are available for order online on the workshop website.

We will add strokes of oil or acrylic to any printed painting to give the effect of a painted work of art. Also for connoisseurs of painting - we will create an oil portrait by photo. Choose any idea and contact Viar Canvas artists and designers for a unique realization!

How is an order placed and delivered?

To order a portrait of a pet in the image, fill in the data in the form. It will appear after clicking on the "Order" button. Attach a photo of your pet, and select the size of the painting, the type of canvas, packaging, and other options from the list. Our manager will contact you during the working day to clarify all the details. 

The designers of the studio will carry out basic processing of the pet's picture and harmoniously decorate it with the chosen outfit and accessories. We use safe pigmented ink to print by a photo on canvas. If you want a painted picture, then our artists will embody all your ideas.

You can order urgent production in 1 day or on a specific date. A standard order will be ready within 3-5 days. Delivery is made directly to your home by courier or to a Pick-up point nearby. Contact us to get an individual calculation of the terms and cost of the painting

5 reasons to order a portrait of a pet from Viar Canvas

  1. Positive emotions from the picture on the wall 24/7/365. Such a portrait resembles an animal, causes smiles, and pleases the owners every day. We print or draw paintings with photos on natural canvas using safe inks and paints that retain their brightness and fresh look for up to 100 years.

  2. Originality of a personal portrait of a pet. It will decorate the interior and add a touch of comedy and creativity to your home. Guests will appreciate this unusual way to express love and admiration for an animal. 

  3. Free designer help. A finished painting to order is a joint work of the author and the client. Your voice, write down or draw your desires on the layout, and we edit and create a masterpiece. 

  4. Absolute portrait resemblance and natural look. When printing by photo, we pre-process and improve the quality of your images. The combination of the image and the image occurs with the correction of the boundaries and the addition of the necessary effects. Samples of our work, along with photographs of customers, can see at the link.

  5. Express production and 3 payment methods. We can produce any order the next day with delivery to your address or Pick-up point. When ordering a painting online, our clients can pay the full cost according to the details, make an advance payment, make a payment at a Pick-up point, or in a self-delivery workshop. 

Keep the memories of your pet in your portrait by choosing an original style. Request a free consultation to approve the layout today, and in 3-5 days to keep the finished painting in your hands!