A collage is a combination of images that preserve (or create) history, and capture time in a new visual quality. A photo collage on canvas is the perfect combination of photos, harmoniously gathered in one place, which can be used for various purposes. You can do this for yourself to experience moments of happiness and nostalgia once more, or give unique prints on canvas, filled with memories, as a present to someone.

Collage is a wonderful way to combine visuals and tell an interesting story located on one canvas: it may be photos of family generations or the history of the company, or anything else. Besides, this is an amazing gift to remember. Our designers will take several selected images and create one semantic or design composition out of them.

Do it yourself to relive your memories or give someone a unique photo collage filled with their memories. Try turning an empty canvas into an oversized art or photo wall, giving the space a design accent and geometric focus. Pick up as many photos as is necessary for your idea. If they are not enough, browse our Gallery, perhaps there you will find what you are looking for.

When creating a collage, we turn a set of static pictures into a story that has its own internal dynamics. The process of making such a canvas is very simple. For this purpose, we created a convenient collage constructor. All you have to do is to choose a design that meets your requirements, upload suitable images, send a finished collage to the canvas, and enjoy a stunning result in the end.

Select a size and any of the backgrounds available, place selected images and photos on one of the numerous collage layouts offered! Besides, you can change the width between images, and add some text. You are welcome to create - here and now! Together with us, you can make the most amazing collage, your personal masterpiece in just a few clicks.



The minimum file size is 200 kb

We also need to check whether the image quality is appropriate for the picture size you selected. If everything is good with the image, we report to the client that the order has been accepted. If the quality of the picture is insufficient (there is low resolution), then we will contact you and discuss all the possible options, for example, how to find a high-quality image or how to restore an old photo.

It's better not to use photos from social media

As for photos on canvas, the best result can be achieved with the usage of the original photos. Any photo downloaded from social networks, instant messengers, chats, and other similar programs is not an original one, so in most cases, such photos are of poor quality for photographic printing purposes. Without loss of quality, photos can be sent by e-mail, transferred on portable devices (flash), or placed on special online services.

Photos taken by phone are suitable for creating a painting

It is important to pay attention to the exposition (lighting, contours, etc.). If the picture looks beautiful, not greased, not too dark, or too bright, then most likely it is possible to transfer it to the canvas.


The choice of pictures that can be transferred to the canvas is not limited, as you can use pictures from your personal archive, or buy those on photo stocks.

Here are several options you can use:






It is important to understand that any image is somebody's intellectual property. Some images on the Internet can be used for any purpose (primarily for personal use). Other photographs are under copyright and may not be used for commercial or other purposes without the author's permission. You must personally find an image that is allowed for usage. We will be glad to provide a service for transferring the image to the canvas.

To make it more convenient and save your time, we will tell you how to search for high-quality images on the Internet FOR FREE

Go to the Tools search settings, and set the Size drop-down filter

to Greater than 4MP (2272x1704)

After filtering, you will be given a selection of the best image quality. Just select the picture you like and send it to us.



We make canvases of any size. The price of a photo on canvas depends on the size and design.

In the section “Prices and sizes” we provide a list of the most popular options. If you would like a different size, please contact us by email [email protected]

The maximum size of the painting is 100 x 300 cm

* For this size you can choose:

horizontal or vertical position of the picture

For a full scale view, you can go to the gallery
go to gallery

The price is indicated for a completely finished work, these are:

  • Transfer photo to canvas
  • Stretching the canvas on a stretcher
  • Wall mount
  • Packaging
  • Easy retouching, cropping




we love our clients!

The most convenient set of tools for creating a canvas. Easy and secure ordering/paying

Talented artists and designers. . You can count on our help and professional advice

Free consultation and file processing. Basic processing and framing of your photo

Fast and inexpensive door-to-door delivery.

We are a manufacturer, not an intermediary, and we can get your painting ready in 1 day.

Why our prices are affordable? It's simple. Over the years of work, we have found the most reliable suppliers that provide us with high-quality materials at stable and profitable prices

100% environmentally friendly pigment ink. Unlike solvent printing (printing using a toxic solvent with a strong odor), the ink we use does not contain a solvent and is completely harmless.

We always check the quality of the order. The output control ensures that you pay for a well-done job. And for an insanely beautiful one, of course.


There are different ways to transfer a photo to a canvas. And most companies have toxic ink equipment. Subsequently, such paintings fill the air in a room with fumes, poisoning the atmosphere of the room and negatively affecting human health, primarily the respiratory organs of children.

Be careful when buying canvas.

We use only environmentally friendly pigment inks that will never harm your health.



  • Order fulfillment - 3-5 working days (after the order has been approved). If the deadlines are extended, due to retouching or complex processing, the designer will inform you about this in any case.
  • Express order - 1 day (excluding delivery time). You can select this service when making an order.
  • Order for a certain date. This service can be selected when making an order as well.


  • Bank transfer to the account
  • Payment upon receipt in our workshop
  • Payment during delivery

Any payment method can be selected when making an order


Convenient, fast, inexpensive

Shipping price to the address you provided:

4 Euros (1-2 days)

Shipping price to other countries we send paintings to:

5 Euros (4-5 days)

Delivery is carried out by courier services:

You can choose from several delivery options, including door-to-door delivery, delivery to Pic up points, and post offices.

For more information contact us

e-mail: [email protected]

phone number:  +371 25444744


The painting is returned and replaced at our expense if there is one of the following problems:

  • The plot of the image on the canvas does not correspond to the approved one;
  • Mechanical damage was found after receiving the order;
  • Other visible problems and damages that are not your fault.


The right to return without visible damage does not apply to non-standard and personalized orders.



we will be happy to make a photo collage on canvas for You at the best prices.


go to the generator * You can choose the location and format of your photos.

Painting ordering procedure

You click the Order Canvas button, then upload your photo and specify all of your desired canvas settings

We contact you to clarify all the important details during the working day.

We create and approve with you a layout of the future canvas.

We start creating your canvas. We mount the fasteners and pack your order. It usually takes from 1 to 7 working days.

We quickly deliver the order to your home directly. We can also deliver the painting to any place of your choice.

for your convenience we have a service

“Free designer help”

Everything is easier and more accessible than it seems



I ordered portrait in DreamArt style. It was wonderfull gift !